Magnolia Home Theater - The Right Choice?

Summary: Value and variety is what the Magnolia Home Theater is all about, with a new approach caused by improved technology and low prices.  Public opinion refers to Magnolia as having more "upscale, high-end HDTV sets and audio systems".  Is the Magnolia home theater the right choice for our specific needs?

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First of all, the palace of electronics or "Magnolia" was built by Best Buy within their Best Buy stores - a new concept of "a store within a store."  Their target was a serious home theater consumer who may or may not know what to purchase, and needed professional assistance to pick it out.  Best Buy needed the consumers, and Magnolia had the product.

The Magnolia Home Theater stores have been built into more than 70 of the Best Buy outlets with another 100 opened at the end of 2005.  Best Buy has about 714 US stores to add the Magnolia movie theater line, targeting at a specific line of customers.  Not only will these outlets assist their consumers in choosing the movie theater line, but for a fee of $1,500 will send a professional installer to the home to completely install the system.  The inside of the Magnolia stores had the most highest technology available in the systems: a $22,000 home theater system featured a $10,000 Pioneer Elite 61-inch plasma HDTV, a Denon AVR-3805 receiver worth $1,000; A Denon DVD-2910 DVD player (worth $600); a Vienna Acoustics speaker system ($6,120) with a $3,000 HP Media Center PC to go on a $1,200 Salamander Designs stand.

The Magnolia Home Theater system stores were set-up within Best Buy to ease the burden of complexity and the overwhelming aspect of choice making in a marketing field where even the technical developers were feeling lost with its rapid changes.  With a new course being developed by Best Buy for customer service, its shopping was made to be entertaining and for boosting sales, as compared to the traditional marketing styles.  Their marketing target was gaming fanatics, home theater enthusiasts, and regular people off the streets - those they were after now were the serious home theater enthusiasts.  In December of 2000, Best Buy had purchased the Magnolia Hi-Fi specialty chain out of Seattle WA. In the new stores within Best Buy, the Magnolia lines have many kinds of new speakers with in-wall and ceiling models for low area apartments or small homes.

When we consider a home theater purchase, we should compare the various types of products out there first.  We need to know all about the various styles, features and benefits of the home theater system that will fill our needs.  Once we work through this, then we can consider the brand of home theater system that will work for us.  Magnolia is a well known home theater producer, and there are plenty of consumers who enjoy walking into a Magnolia store just to hear the beautiful sound with a beautiful décor, and peaceful feeling, all the while viewing some of the best home theater experiences that are available.

Is Magnolia the right home theater for your needs?  The company offers a wide range of products that may fit your specific need.  You will find that they allow for some of the best in quality as well as fair, reasonable and consistently priced products.  The Magnolia line is often packed full of the technologies that you are hearing about and would love to have in your home. Yet, for many, there may be another brand that works better.  To know, you should take the time to consider the options that you have, including other brands of home theater systems, so that you get the best investment possible.

For those that want to learn more about Magnolia, you can easily visit the web's wide resources to learn more about their products.  But, if you want to know about the value that they offer or the quality that they provide in their home theater products, consider looking for online consumer reviews of a project.  This will allow you to work through a wide range of options out there.  With so many people ready and waiting to provide the highest quality product to you, you should always consider what the customer already thinks.  Yet, when it comes down to it, if you choose your home theater system from Magnolia, you may just find it to be one of the best available today.