The Custom Home Theater - Is It For Me?

Having a custom home theater of our very own is an absolute thrill, while being able to say, "It's exactly as I wanted it - and I put it together myself!" If planning the installation of a home theater is in the making, considering the custom designed options that are available, is definitely something that should be looked into. There are several systems on the market and many of them will provide us with a wide range of possibilities to put together for our personalized theater system, fitting the specific needs and desires that we want. Many of the leading manufacturers of home theaters, such as Sony, Bose, and Panasonic, will offer the home theater options that can be customized. Design our own home theater- don't spend more than what we need to; get the theater system that is perfect for our specific room and desires, not one that only has half of what we want; and don't spend twice as much money to buy it.

Surround sound goes clear back to Walt Disney in the 1940s, when he incorporated his surround sound technology to "hold the audience" in both visual and audio sensations. The value of having such a customized product is that we can select this same type of quality, the features that will fit us the best, and how we will be able to get the products that we need rather than those that we have to buy with an already complete system. It makes sense to consider a custom-designed product but before we do, let us evaluate where it will be located. The best thing is to have someone who knows what they are doing come in and evaluate, somebody knowledgeable in the field to access where we are thinking of placing it. Notes need to be taken of good and bad points, in addition to have options suggested for the system's maximum benefit and ease of use. 

Some things the professional may bring up are about the size of the room where the theater system will be located at, and where the audience will sit in relation to the theater screen. Also, he may evaluate the acoustical properties of the room and any surrounding light issues that could affect the type of video display system to be used. And what about the speakers? What would be the most effective - in wall or stand-alone? Once all of these questions are answered, it needs to be decided whether the components will be located, and checking the room ventilitation for both the components and the viewers.

A solid investment into our home is something open to many positive options. We may find that the home theater system that is already out there is just right for our needs with very little planning but we may also find that the one that is out there is far too big for our home theater needs. Going with a custom designed product puts us in the position to select the very best product for our needs within our budget.