Yamaha Home Theater - Is It Worth Purchasing Or Not?

Summary: The Yamaha home theater has become a common household word over the past years in the world of entertainment.  Either sold separately by components or as a group, the rapid technological advancements have brought it to the forefront with its new Yamaha digital sound projector surround sound, complementing any wall or stand-mounted plasma, LCD or rear-projection video display. Find out more ...

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The projector employs several speakers each with its own digital amplifier, and projection technology that controls the orientation of the sound.  The sound is focused into beams, which controls the delay times of the speakers.  What it sounds like, are several speakers placed throughout the room - all originating from one digital sound projector - that produce true multi-channel surround sound by the direct and reflected sound waves. Also the capability of high separation two-channel sound can be reproduced, with the process of superimposing multiple beams of sound. Make sure that the components fit together correctly for the highest quality of sound and video.

Because different types of people buy Yamaha home theaters, the Yamaha's digital sound projector is designed for everyone, not for just one type of room but for several different types of shapes and sizes.  Its best digital projector positions are in the front-center of the room or in the front corners, becoming an elegant statement of the Yamaha home theater technology. To focus on a few of the Yamaha Home Theatre components, let us look first at the DPX-1300 High Performance Digital Video Projector. It has incorporated the most advancement in video technology including HQV and many other convenient features. It also delivers astonishing video performance, including 5,000:1 Contrast Ratio and 800 ANSI Lumen Brightness. The second item, the DPX-830, is the Digital Cinema Projector that makes the Yamaha Home Theater of the highest quality. Features include the Natural Black color, high contrast, HD compatibility, full 10-bit processing, and HDMI compatibility to name just a few.

When purchasing a Yamaha home theater, the whole family needs to be considered when shopping around for a quality entertainment package.  Yamaha has a background of fine musical instruments and recording solutions, which produces a natural surrounding atmosphere, blending both sight and sound in the components of choice.  When purchasing a Yamaha home theater set up, no other company can match the quality or offer the solutions for their consumers' personal needs of Yamaha.